Vedic Astrology for the month of December, 2011


Aries: Changes and challenges would go hand in hand this month. You need to get your confidence in the right measure and ensure you are not low and not feel left out too. Students will need to concentrate. Overall the month will remain positive and gainful. Avoid stress and any controversies. Need to relax a bit and practice yoga and meditation.


Taurus: This month will see the phase continue but see growth in work and new opportunities too. Thinking and certain level of stress could have an adverse impact on digestion and a tendency to feel unnecessarily worried. Children will do well and there will be a sense of progress due to achievements of children. Education for students will see a good amount of addition in knowledge. Need to develop witness state to avoid arguments…


Gemini: This would be a great month as you are placed strategically to jump forward in career as well as personal life. You will feel dynamism, be high on ideas and make some very good deals during this month. Financially this month will see wasteful expenses…need to develop satisfaction to avoid heavy expenses.


Cancer: You feel much in control and quite powerful in what you take up now. This could also make you feel a strange sense of authority which might be the reason for frequent aggression and issues with people around you. Need to develop witness state to develop arguments. Education and students activities would look downward. The best method would be to meditate and look outwards. Socializing and meeting friends would be very beneficial too.


Leo: Certain challenges would be felt during this month, although you will have the luck to overcome all and come out shining at the end of the month. It is a month when you will be high on confidence, your networking skills will be great and opportunities would come up for you to encash and progress well. Overseas travel possible too and there could be many new opportunities and opportunity to make gains this month. Luck will remain high due to your creative efforts as well as unexpected inflows.


Virgo: High activity and work in new areas marks this month. There would be support of friends and family during this period and also some good amount of financial gains could accrue due to your hard work. Students could find studies and education environment challenging. Avoid controversy and try to be as regular as possible to overcome the issues in studies. Overall this month will be eventful, happy and satisfying; the hard work will be needed.


Libra: you will be high on energy, confidence and personal charisma. All round growth and gains are promised this month. You will be high on energy, confidence and personal charisma. All round growth and gains are promised this month. Married life will be great. If unmarried, very high chances of marriage exist during this month. You would do well at work but patience and caution should not be forgotten. Need to relax a bit through meditation.


Scorpio: Health, personal pressures and a general lack of connect with other people could be occurring currently. Luck would be on your side this month and need to be stress free to act actively. Finances will remain dynamic and positive. Income will remain high, while money inflows will remain good, during this time. Need to develop satisfaction to avoid expenses.


Sagitarius: A very career oriented as well as a period of creative activity and new ideas. You will feel and come across as a very knowledgeable person to people around you. Things you learn now and understand will help you in the next 4-5 years and so you should not waste time this month. Career will be very active now and good amount of growth would come due to people in authority and power as well as your creative efforts. Wasteful overheads and expenses possible this month too. Avoid unnecessary expenses.


Capricon: This would be a positive month for you as luck and progress will come in abundance. Finances and family life will remain positive throughout. This is a period when purchase of a home and maybe a new car could be very high on your priority. New events are moving fast and chances of such a purchase could become a reality in the coming few months. Overall this month will be good throughout and see further growth and progress. Relationship pressures could come on.


Aquarius: This month will bring you close to the end of the struggle you have been a part of, in the last few months and probably over the year. This month will bring in some more challenges but you can be sure that the good times are around the corner. Work will be in a very active and aggressive mode. You will see yourself very dynamic and in the role of a doer this month. New opportunities will continue to come in and as long as you are discerning, very good progress in career could come about. You need to ensure you think positive; else some very good opportunities could pass you by this month.


Pisces: A positive month which will see situational challenges and pressures. Overall you could feel a rise in opposition against you, although you will remain expressive, positive and find gains from various sources this month. You will remain family oriented and find happiness spending quality time with folks at home. Students could find trouble concentrating this month. You need to practice yoga and some music therapy to tide over a distracting period for studies.