Corporate Meditation Courses

Corporate meditation

What meditation can do for my corporation:

Improve the identification of novel strategic objectives and priorities

Strengthen relational capital and customer satisfaction

Enhance innovation processes in operations as well as administration

Facilitate the development and diffusion of best practices

Fulfilment of ‘Duty of care ’ vs. employees and society


What meditation can do for my workplace:

Enhance personal performance and satisfaction

Improve effectiveness of group interactions

Diffuse self-motivated positive behavior: caring, trusting, ethical conduct

Creative and synergistic problem solving

Customer service aptitude and attitude

Constructive collaboration vs. destructive competition


What meditation can do for me personally:

Enhanced physical and psychological well-being

Ability to cope with stress (resistance to and recovery from)

Emotional maturity and balance

Improved creativity and risk tolerance

More effective cognitive processes (memory, analysis, evaluation)

Ethical conduct and value discretion