1. Every day in Morning and Evening drink a glass of radish and sugar juice.

The radish leaves are to be boiled with little sugar or sugar candy ideally.


2. Every morning have a glass of kokum sherbet, if possible.  


3. Right hand to be placed on the liver, you can use ice pack and place it on the liver.


4. Bengali sweets can be consumed. (Rasgulla,etc without any cream) 


5. Fats, Oil, red chilli powder and and fried food should be absolutely avoided during this condition.


6. Fish and Milk products to be avoided. Lassi can be consumed after removing the cream (white butter) from the butter milk.


7. Canned or Tinned paneer is not allowed at all.


8. LIV-52 tablets can be used as per Doctor’s advice or an expert discretion.


9. Citrus fruits can also be consumed. (Mango, Apple, Banana and chickoo should be avoided.) 


10.  Sugarcane and Sugarcane juice is ideal.


11.  Butter should be avoided.


12.  Urad dal and Tuvar dal should be avoided.


13.  Boiled vegetables, moong dal is ideal for hot liver condition.


14.  Absolutely no red chilli powder in the food.


15.  Ginger, Garlic, Potato and Cucumber are also good.


16.  Regularly drink sugar and lemon juice mixture or sherbet.


17.  Amla murabba or marmalade is ideal and can be consumed in the morning and evening, twice a day.


18.  Silver vark is good at times on the food. Silver vark is normally used on sweets and royal food.


19.  Root Vegetables are ideal and can be consumed as well.


20.   Groundnut and Groundnut oil should also be avoided. They are very bad for the liver. Hence the consumption of groundnut should be avoided.


21.  Sunflower oil should be used for cooking in limited quantities.


22.  Meditate, Meditate and Meditate. That is the best liver diet. EARLY MORNING MEDITATION OR RELAXATION AT 04.00 AM is ideal and best for a hot liver.


A cool and healthy Liver helps to attain good Attention. Stops us from over-thinking, anxiety, futuristic over-planning, stress and tension.


A good liver helps to attain state of balance and thoughtless (doubtless) awareness.