Effects of Meditation in Our Life

meditation efects

Before we speak about the positive effects of meditation, we shall mention that in fact the biggest positive effect is meditation itself. That is, the joy that one feels in meditation is so deep and satisfying that one does not look for anything else and one just meditates to feel that joy and peace. But at the same time, meditation has a positive effect in every aspect of our life. The reason for that is that once the subtle body (chakras and energy channels) gets cleansed and balanced, one's whole life finds a balance and becomes full of joy and peace. The most obvious but important effect of meditation is health improvement. But, although it is quite easy to improve the physical wellness due to meditation, meditation is not a healing technique nor a kind of alternative medicine. Everything is in fact very simple: to be healthy one has to lead a healthy life. But “healthy life” doesn't mean just proper physical conditions, it actually includes everything that helps us keep our chakras clean. And that is exactly what is achieved by meditation. As soon as the chakras get cleansed they can provide sufficient energy to the organs they look after. As a result, the organs become healthy and one gets rid of ailments. Quite often just in several months people get cured of illnesses that are supposed to be incurable. In fact, there is nothing miraculous about that: as we improve ourselves with meditation and introspection (which are the two basic approaches in Sahaja Yoga), we get rid of our inner enemies like greed, lust, anger, etc. In terms of chakras that means that the chakras get cleansed. As a result, one becomes healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

Another positive effect of meditation is the balance that it brings to our daily life. Due to this balance, whatever work one is doing one will do it better and with less effort. As a result, one becomes successful at work and this success comes not because of working more or harder but due to doing everything in a more balanced way. Those who meditate regularly enjoy whatever work they do and thus become successful without getting tired. Our family and social relationships also improve because those who practice meditation prefer to look into themselves rather than finding faults with others. Moreover, such a person approaches others in a more positive way and prefers to help people rather than to argue with them.

As meditation helps all the chakras to open and get cleansed, they start to manifest their real qualities. As a result, one becomes innocent, creative, generous, fearless, full of love and forgiving. We all know very well that everyone needs these qualities, however, they cannot be developed by preaching or reading various books. Chakra cleansing is a real process that should take place inside ourselves. And that is exactly what happens during meditation. This cleansing job is done by the Kundalini energy, which rises to the seventh chakra – Sahasrara when one is meditating. When the Kundalini crosses the sixth chakra – Agnya, one reaches beyond the level of thoughts and stays in meditation, which is a state of thoughtless awareness. You can experience this state right now in front of your computer by trying the Realization Meditation or you can visit free sessions in one of the Sahaja Yoga centers.