Speech by Dr. Hamid Mehrani-Mylany in Rahuri, Maharastra, India about the effects of vibrated water


I, Dr. Hamid Mehrani-Mylany, was born on 22nd May, 1947 in Iran.  After my basic education I was admitted to the Tehran University of Agriculture.  I received my Masters Degree and was awarded a scholarship to further my studies in Vienna, Austria.  I graduated with a Doctorship in plant preservation and soil biology at the end of 1979 from the University of Agriculture in Vienna, Austria.


I began my employment with an International Plant Breeding Company as the manager of two Research and Plant Production Centres.


Since 1984, I have been working with the Government of Austria’s Forestry Department.  I lead groups of new Forest Engineers and also instruct farmers and private forest owners how to manage and preserve forests.  Now I am specializing in plant diseases caused by air pollution and use an electron microscope to determine the various types of diseases.  As a past time I like to design and plan gardens.


After gaining all this knowledge and receiving certificates in all aspects of Agriculture, I still felt there was still something missing in my life.  I was strongly aware that I had not yet fulfilled my destiny in life.  Of course, education did give me the full idea of the evolution of agriculture, how far we have reached and how far we have to go.  So I started learning western languages to study western research work on agriculture.


During learning different languages I found that each language gave me a new dimension of understanding of agricultural achievements.  It seemed that the more I tried to learn a new thing, the more confused I became and found a similarity in the problems that arose.  For example, if you cannot speak French you believe by learning it you would see the problem from a French agricultural angle, but the problems they were facing, surprisingly had the same similarity all over the world.  I reached a conclusion that agriculture is a life process and deals with living energy, we only know what we see.  For example, we see a seed sprouting but cannot explain how it sprouts through our scientific research.  So our education falls short of unlimited knowledge of the energy of life.  Thus we must accept humbly that our penetration into knowledge as human beings is limited.  As a scientist I felt I must keep my mind open and try to find out the solution into another deeper area of our existence.  Now I would request you all not to look for loop holes in my lecture but try to see seriously with open mind the vision of our future which I have witnessed in this lifetime.


I would like to point out to you one of the complications in the science world.  I would like to give you an example from the plant or animal world of bacteria.


To show you an example in the human body, anything foreign is thrown out by the living system.  But when an ova becomes an embryo, it is imbedded in the mother’s womb and nourished till it is properly grown.  At least it is thrown out of the body at the right time.  Who does this work so efficiently and who decides that it is an embryo.  Some cannot explain this phenomenon.

First of all we classify bacteria - i.e. as plant or animal.  As you know, the body of bacteria consists of a few cells with a membrane around them.  If you have a facility to observe bacteria by making it 100,000 times bigger, it is seen that the cells are joined with each other in a very gentle manner.  We make an impression from its body to study the different parts forming its membrane and we observe a beautiful structure similar to the paintings of geometrical drawings.  So wonderful, so beautiful, just a gathering of cells together.  When we cut the membrane we see some lipo-proteins and phosphoric acid derivatives joining together in a simple manner.  However, the work done by them is very interesting.  They carry the right food from cell membrane to the cell centres.  So we cannot explain how these tiny microscopic elements know.  Now the question is - “How they get nitrogen in their systems when they can only take Hydrogen and how their food is transported from outside to inside places.


If we expand our knowledge in macro-plant, we would find the same simplicity in cell membranes but here the question is that how the elements are passing from the soil/earth into the root.  As mentioned before, the same is with the human body.  We know a lot maybe about the morphology, physiology, biology etc. but if we analyse it we find our knowledge is not sufficient to understand this living system.  The questions may be very simple, but the answers very difficult to find.  Now we are trying to view the wonders of life from a different angle.  Thus my search for truth started in other areas.  I thought that in the Koran they have talked about Ruh and also in the bible about all-pervading power of God.  When I studied Indian saints they also talked about Chaitanya.  In your great country a lot of research has been made in the area of Chaitanya and I felt that the west knows about the tree but India knows about the roots of life.  Shri Markendeya, a great saint they say 14, 000 years back wrote about Kundalini.  Jyaneshwara in the 14th century and later many others.  They could not be all wrong it cannot be a false statement.  Because universally without any connection with each other they talked about it and about our resurrection time in Koran in Nadi Sranth written by Brigumuni again thousands of years back.  Especially Brigumuni, the founder of astrology, has described Kali Yuga totally as reality and has said that the Paramchaitanya (all-pervading power of Ruh) will take a form and the Kundalini, which is the residual energy within, will rise and give a new dimension of awareness.  I kept my mind open and I got my Kundalini awakened on 29 September 1982 in a public meeting in Austria and among more than a thousand people who also mostly got their realization en-mass.  It was an experience beyond words.  First I felt the peace of my being and then I felt this Chaitanya as cool breeze entering to my fingers.  The whole body became relaxed and tremendous joy overcame me in waves of bliss.  We ask simply - what are vibrations.  I will try and tell you from my understanding about vibrations, about Kundalini and later about Sahaja Yoga.  You are all Indians to be born in this great country and if you are speaking to me about this subject it is not surprising but when it is me speaking to you about Kundalini, you may feel it is very unusual.


We talk of autonomous nervous system.  It’s a name but does not explain.  Only says that system acts arbitrarily on its own.  But so efficient and so organized so we should ask who is this Auto.  If a car is called as an automobile but it has to have a driver.  Now there must be a driver in this body, it is the spirit - the Atma.  Those who believe or do not believe are just the same.  But as scientists we have to keep our search open and acceptance if we find the truth that there is Atma and Paramatma.  In that honesty of a scientist, I confess that I have felt in my attention the existence of Atma which has given me a new awareness of collective consciousness which makes me know about myself and others.  And the vibrations or the Chaitanya Lahiri are the ones which give me knowledge of reality.  For example, if I want to know about any person I just put my hands towards that person and the finger tips, which represent the subtle centres of energy called as chakras give me information by cool, hot or very hot sensations.  These are all decoded in Sahaja Yoga.


To begin with, as I told you, that human awareness is limited and we have a very little part of the brain working in our consciousness.  We have for example a computer with 25 K-bytes.  We write a program with 30 K-bytes.  It would not be possible to fit this program to the computer.  We would first have to expand the capacity of the computer with a new Run Cart.  Exactly the same thing has to happen in our brain.  It had to be expanded.


So we reach a logical conclusion, that it has to be expanded.  How is the problem?  Sahaja Yoga solves it by raising the residual power of Kundalini  without any so called dangers.


After getting my realisation in 1982, I met Shri Mataji personally and was astounded at her knowledge on every subject.  She did not complicate anything but told me that this all-pervading power has created everything, that it nourishes everything, generates everything, controls everything efficiently. It organizes, it thinks and above all it loves.  She taught me how to use vibrations.  I tried to establish divine vibrations, which is the all-pervading power, visible through an experiment.  At this time I was working in an International Plant Breeding Company.  I had the possibility to experiment with a lot of things, also with vibrated water.  I tried a small experiment with vibrated water on tomato plants.  It was surprising to find out that the tomatoes watered with vibrated water were much bigger, a better colour and even the taste was excellent compared to the ones watered with normal water.  The results of this experiment developed my curiosity.  It is remarkable to note that in her compassion, Shri Mataji has given vibrated tomato seeds to many people free.  They have all been planted.


The next time I expanded my experiment to an aeroponic system.  In this system one doesn’t use soil - only water with different nutrients added.  The result of this experiment showed the same pattern of growth which persuaded me to continue my great interest in vibrated water experiments.  After receiving permission from Shri Mataji, I decided to make a field experiment using maize and sunflowers.  I sowed a field with 6 repeats of maize and 6 of sunflowers and did the same for the non-vibrated block.  Each field was approximately 2 sq. meters.  I sowed the field on 27th May, which was much later that the farmers in this area.  I didn’t have a lot of time to take care to irrigate daily so I made up an automatic irrigation system.  This had several advantages in that it was independent from me, if the field was watered by someone they could give more water to vibrated crops.  So as it was run by computer the crops received water at exactly the same intervals.  The results of this experiment were that the vibrated field produced much greener plants and were about 1 ft. higher.  The average weight of the plants were 25% heavier.  With the sunflowers we measured the diameter of the flower to be 2 inches more than the non-vibrated.  It is again to be mentioned that Shri Mataji has experimented with sunflowers in her farmhouse research work in Pune and produced sunflowers tremendously big more than 12 inches in diameter, very heavy and gave on the average 250 mm. of oil.  This was reported in the newspaper.


After this experiment the company received an order to put right many dying trees with acid rain.  There were many types of forest trees and I had a good chance to test vibrated water with them.  I found the results again positive and this gave me an incentive to try and find a way to care for the dying forests of Europe.


We were given a section of forest in 1986 to begin the experiment.  This experiment is going very well.  I measured the sap flowing through the trees with a SHIGOMETER.  It showed that the sap flow in the vibrated area of the forest was much easier.  This means that the forest trees have a greater capacity to draw nutrients, resulting in it’s improvement in growth.  I have published the results of this experiment in my book “what is wrong in our forest” which will be published in February, 1989.


The results of Sahaja Yoga are to a human mind unbelievable.  They are so miraculous and the working is so simple that to us the scientist it is so incredible.  But in my honesty and sincerity to humanity I must tell you that this water is made by Shri Mataji and even a few drops can transform ordinary water.  It has to be humbly accepted that Shri Mataji’s photographs emit vibrations.  You will not believe I used my ring with her photograph in a hose pipe and this water gave the results.  Moreover lately, I fixed badges of Shri Mataji’s photograph on the trees which were to be saved from the disaster of acid rain: And within a year’s time the trees have become alive and growing very well.


Now we Sahaja Yogis say that in Sahaja Yoga the miracles have lost their meaning.  In India the Indian Medical research has two doctors who have worked on Sahaja Yoga.  One has proved that it benefits physical and mental growth.  The other has shown how it cures psychosomatic diseases like cancer etc.  We have thousands of cases of cures of incurable diseases.  Thousands have overcome their destructive habits of alcohol and drugs.  It is a fact, it has to be accepted if we really mean to emancipate human beings.


This is what I have achieved and discovered so far with my experiments with vibrated water.  I hope that it will be possible for you to continue this new knowledge with vibrated water.  It would make me very happy if you achieve the same, or if not better results than myself.


We all Sahaja Yogis respect your great country and especially Maharashtra because it is an auspicious land of many great saints. I wish you all a great success and thank you for your attention.