Gems and chakras

First energy center: Mooladhara


Stone: Coral


This energy center is located just beneath our spinal cord and carries our childlike qualities.

- Purity
- Innocence
- Wisdom
- The ability to discriminate between right and wrong


It enables a person to feel pure joy like he did when he was a child. Coral supports the manifestation of these qualities.
If you are lacking in joy and cannot discriminate between right and wrong, if you want to strengthen your foresight and want to remain in balance then what you need is coral accessories! They can be worn anywhere on the hand, wrist, neck, etc.


Second energy center: Swadisthan


Stone: Amethyst


This energy center is located in the groin area and manifests a person’s creativity. To do so, it brings about pure and correct knowledge and pure attention. Amethyst can be used to clear out impure knowledge and negative energies.


- Do you feel angry? Are you finding it difficult to gather your attention in one place? Are you unable to create new ideas in the kitchen or elsewhere? You can use amethyst to counter all of these as well as neutralizing the negative energies that could affect you or the environment you are in.


If you do have amethyst in your room do not forget to rest it in salty water for one day and rinse it afterwards once a month. This will purify the Stone and help it clear out once again.


Third energy center: Nabhi


Stone: Emerald


This energy center is located in the stomach area. It gives the qualities of being peaceful within, leading a correct style of life, being able to overcome material attachments, generosity and being the master of one’s self.

- You can use emerald on the middle finger of your left hand if you wish to increase your inner peace and the feeling of being a master of yourself while reducing restlessness.

- You can prefer to use it on the middle finger of your right hand if you wish to increase generosity and prosperity.


Fourth energy center: Heart


Stone: Ruby


This energy center is located in the heart area and gives unconditional love. It makes a person fearless and detached and gives the joy of the spirit. It also gives self confidence. Ruby supports these qualities and helps clear out the blood.

- You can wear ruby on your left pinky if you wish to become more loving, compassionate and open hearted in your relationships and to overcome attachments

- You  can wear a ruby ring on your right pinky to help balance your feelings of responsibility and relationships with your husband-father-son-brother. This also helps develop qualities of the ideal human.



Fifth energy center: Vishuddhi


Stone: Sapphyre


This energy center is located in the throat area and it gives us pure and genuine feelings of fellowship. It makes speech sweet, soft and sincere. It also helps us find the truth in life by making keeping us in a witness state in the face of events.

If we constantly feel guilty and feel we are of no good then we can use accessories with blue Stones on our left index finger or left wrist. If we use harsh words without wanting to and if we wish to be sweeter and more diplomatic in our speech then we can use ruby or blue-stone accessories on our right index finger or right wrist.


Sixth energy center: Agnya


Stone: Diamond


This energy center is located in the middle of the forhead. It gives a person the qualities of tolerance,forgiveness, thoughtless awareness and compassion.


yuzuk- Is your past occupying you more than your present? Do you keep on remembering your memories? Do you get stuck on to negative feelings coming from the past when you wake up in the morning? Then you can say “I forgive myself” frequently during the day and wear diamond accessories on your left ring finger.


- Do you constantly plan about the future? Are you still wide awake and tense an hour after you have laid down in bed at night? Do  you have difficulty forgiving others? Then during the day you can say “I forgive everyone” numerous times and wear diamond accessories on your right ring finger.


Seventh energy center: Sahasrara


Stone: Pearl


This energy center is located at the fontanelle bone area on top of the head. It gives a person the state of meditation, in other words, the state of thoughtless awareness. It exists to unite the person with the energy of the universe. It gives silence, joy and happiness while making  person feel eternal freedom. It makes self realization possible and pearl supports all of these.


- If you feel like you haven’t been able to reach your goal, like you are within your own shell and unable to make your voice heard, not valued enough, lonely emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and if you haven’t yet felt the eternal peace and tranqulity of a drop that has mixed into the ocean then you might not hae experienced Sahaja Yoga and self realization yet.


- We suggest you first visit the link below and fully enjoy the experience of self realization. Then you can use pearl ornaments in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings or pins as you wish.


Self realization