The general aspects of Zodiac signs



(21 March – 19 April)

Ruling planet: Mars
Group: Cardinal
Element: Fire
Colour: Red


Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom-lovin spontaneous, adventurous and able to take initiatives, inspires others, childlike enthusiasm


Negative or weak aspects: hurrying to do things, egoism, demanding things instantly, reacting fast


Energy center: Root chakra, mooladhara


The first sign of the zodiac, which is also considered to be a leading sign, is believed to be the soul’s beginning in the journey of life.


When a human being opens his eyes to the world, when he is born, he has started living. This sign always represents new beginnings, birth, the first of everything and pioneers. Aries people tend to be more individualistic in their behaviour. It is difficult to control them. Their attitude is one of “I am here” in social life. Aries people are straight forward, they do not like formalities. They desire to transcend barriers with their impatient and childlike nature. They do not like rules but are sincere.


They like to learn new things and have a creative curiosity. They are both productive in their fields of interest anda re pleased when their efforts are acknowledged well by others.


They move fast and are practical people due to their excited nature. They have warrior qualities that can withstand even the toughest conditions.


They feel angry easily if they do not get their wish or if they are misunderstood. However, their anger dies down in seconds. They do not hold grudges and can give anything to win back hearts when they realize their mistakes.


The ruling planet of Aries, Mars, also rules the first, root chakra in our inner energy system. This chakra is called the Mooladhara. This is why Aries people can be fearless and child-like to a point of naivity at times. A soul born into this sign is deeply connected with life and feels an intense need to experience new things because our root chakra rules our connections with life and earth.


This chakra also enables us to discriminate between right and wrong and gives us wisdom. Aries people can control their reactions, anger and impatience that comes from ego if they manage to establish these qualities within themselves. They can also use their energetic and creative existence to become more spiritual by making correct decisions that also influence others.



(20 April-20 May)

Ruling planet: Venus
Group: Fixed
Element: Earth
Colour: Green, earth colours


Positive characteristics: friendly, high bearing capacity, strong willpower, developed sense of aesthetics, strong instincts, patient


Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, comfort loving, lazy, greedy, not flexible, possessive


Energy center: the heart chakra


Taurus needs security and stability in its relationships. It thinks for the long term and believes in loyalty. It has a soothing, peacegiving nature. However it is also very possessive and could show strong jealousy if it feels insecure. It benefits from long term and profitable results in its relationships thanks to its constructive and determined nature. It is determined and gives a feeling of security. Its best qualities are its sense of aesthetics and the importance it gives to peace and harmony. Physically strong. Productive and creative in partnerships.


Its weak points are its stubbornness and unlogical insistence. This could lead to stalemates in its relationships if jealousy is also involved. It might not be able to think creatively and flexible enough. Needs to be more flexible and needs imagination. Could have difficulty improving itself because of its one-track mind.


The sign of Venus, Taurus, has a feminine and magnetic attraction. It displays clear attitudes without speaking and confusing things too much. Taurus natives prefer long term relationships.


They love food, shopping and all the joys of love. Very loyal and so have long lasting friendships. They listen to their friends’ problems and try to help. Form attachments to things and people very easily because of strong possessive instincts. The ruling planet for this sign, Venus, controls our heart chakra. The heart chakra gives feelings of love, compassion, protection and loyalty. However, a badly affected heart chakra carries these feelings to an extreme and creates attachments. Taurus people can use their inbuilt positive heart qualities at a maximum if they confront their attachments and overcome their possessiveness.



(21 May-21 June)

Ruling planet: Mercury
Group: Mutable
Element: Air
Colour: Yellow


Positive characteristics: intellectual, logical, quick grasping, talented in writing and communication, talkative, joyful, full of knowledge


Negative or weak aspects: changing, indecisive, two-faced, artificial, greedy, emotionally insufficient, gossiping, critical


Energy center: the second chakra, swadisthan


Has a multi-dimensional and colourful personality. Learning is like breathing for Gemini people. Gets bored easily. Thinks and acts fast. Likes to be knowledgable about every topic. They can appear to know alot about a topic just by the way they present it even though they may not be masters of it. Influential speakers because of the way they use words.


Convincing, humourous, witty and funny, good to be with.


Could act without principles and twist events according to their own interests if thinking of themselves only. Could portray imbalanced behaviour because of this. Can change ideas easily and even tell lies.


Can deal with many things at the same time. Interested in research. Make people like them easily with their speech and good manners. Looks for solutions, creative even at the most difficult times. Very easy for Gemini natives to put their feelings into words and weigh their emotions with their rationality. This is exactly why most Geminis are accused of being artificial and emotionally weak.


The ruling planet for this sign, Mercury, is responsible for our second chakra in our subtle system, the Swadisthan. This chakra gives us knowledge, the capacity to learn things easily and creativity.


Gemini people are very talented in obtaining information, absorbing it and thinking creatively in every situation.


However, thinking too much weakens this chakra and creativity loses its spontaneity, thus its effectiveness. Natives of this sign should take care not to tire themselves mentally. Meditation and reaching the state of thoughtless awareness and silence will relax Gemini natives a lot and will help them think creatively.



(22 June-22 July)

Ruling planet: Moon
Group: Cardinal
Element: Water
Colour: Silver, gray


Positive characteristics: empathy, motherhood, protective, sacrificing and receptive to other people’s needs, strong intuition


Negative or weak aspects: over emotional, offended easily, changing, worries a lot, restless


Energy center: 7th chakra, the sahasrara


Natives of this sign are soft like children, giving and receiving emotionally. They act with their emotions and protect their loved ones, giving them a special place in their heart. Very protective.


Can become depressed easily due to its constantly changing emotions. Will take a long time to save itself from negative feelings and to build trust.


Displays a tough portrait outside but actually has a sensitive and protective nature. Very soft and good hearted. Can withdraw in its own shell, like the Picture of its sign, to protect itself from being hurt. Complex people who are difficult to understand. Can be very strong and brave at some cases of difficulty and weak and defenseless like children at others.


They need a happy home and security to stay in balance.


Have a developed sense of responsibility, common sense and patience. Dislike quarrels and disharmony.


Can become restless very easily. Their mood changes according to their location and the people with them. Are much deeper people than they appear to be.


This sign is under the influence of the Moon. The Moon governs our 7th chakra, the Sahasrara and effects our emotional side. It takes us to the past and creates melancholy. Natives of this sign often fall under the influence of negative emotions. The Sahasrara is the last chakra that builds a strong connection with the universal power. If the sensitive crab manages to become objective towards its emotions it can use its real potential to the maximum. It can make great progress in its spirituality and instincts with the guidance of the positive vibrations it receives from the universal energy. This is why it must be able to be objective and not subjective.



(24 July-23 August)

Ruling planet: Sun
Group: Fixed
Element: Fire
Colour: Gold


Positive characteristics: noble, expanded thinking, generous, self confident, inspiring, artistic


Negative or weak aspects: egoistical, intolerant, vain


Energy center: the sixth chakra, agnya


Are unique in the zodiac with their noble and pioneering quality. They always like to rule and be in the limelight. At times they have a childlike, playful nature that loves life and reflects it.


They are warm people who inspire others, are influential, optimistic, smiling, active and spread light to their surroundings like the sun. They are always honest and fair in struggle and are never cunning. They can fall for their extreme pride at times even though they are usually forgiving.


They admire luxury and glory. Their extreme pride could make them see themselves higher than what they are.


Nevertheless, they are forgiving. They treat weaker people or those in difficult situations with love. Very generous. The Sun, which rules Taurus, also controls our sixth, agnya chakra located in our forhead.


This chakra gives us forgiveness, nobility and understanding. However, pride and vanity easily block this chakra. Leo can use its great qualities and charisma to benefit entire humanity if it can rise above such negative feelings with introspection. They can have a greater effect on their surroundings just like the sun when they become more simple.



(24 August – 24 September)

Ruling planet: Mercury
Group: Mutable
Element: Earth
Colour: Shades of blue and green


Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, takes initiatives, inspiring, childlike enthusiasm


Negative or weak aspects: rushing into things, ego, demanding everything immediately, reacting


Energy center: the second chakra, swadisthan


Hardworking, neat and practical. Loves being orderly, systemized and organized. Best organizers. Pays attention to detail. Perfectionists and can become critical because of this. Health conscious. They want health in all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual. Most natives of this sign is interested in natural ailments, vegetables and herbal healing.


They love to research and learn. Trust concrete and realistic results. Inquisitive and analyzing. Their inquisitiveness could turn into dogmatism and pose a threat to Virgos who are in fact seeking knowledge.


Hygiene is important for them.


Joyful people with their wit and humour. They make others like them with the help of their intelligence. Tend to serve others and work to the benefit of the society. Prefer to work in a well functioning organization rather than come to the fore.


Ruled by Mercury. Mercury also governs our second chakra. This chakra gives us pure attention, pure knowledge and pure creativity. The researcher and detail oriented virgo can become the victim of indulging into too much detail in its quest for pure knowledge.


This sign can attain the pure knowledge it has always been searching for without drowning in details but with a relaxed mind and the light of attention if they can use their swadisthan chakra positively. They can thus create progressive and enlightened thoughts that will have a positive effect on the society.



(24 September-23 October)

Ruling planet: Venus
Group: Cardinal
Element: Air
Colour: Pastels


Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, takes initiatives, inspiring, childlike enthusiasm


Negative or weak aspects: rushing into things, ego, demanding everything immediately, reacting


Energy center: the heart chakra


This sign is known for its balance and justice. Are good at creating harmonious and peaceful surroundings. Believe they can obtain positive results from their relationships. Cannot stand injustice and react to such things immediately. Many become activists and lawyers.


Able to create beauty in their surrounding. Arts and sense of beauty is important for them. They can bring a refined beauty and harmony to everything they touch. Good at decorating.


Can focus on others before themselves. Always open to cooperation and partnerships. Ideal spouse and partner. Not fit to be alone.


Good hearted and trustworthy. Look for a world where everything is in peace, balance and harmony. Listen to the views of others but also researching intellectuals. Interested in spirituality, psychology and philosophy.


Their weakness is indecisiveness and inability to attain constant balance. Easily influenced by the views of others.
But can remain objective without getting caught up in deep emotions because it is an air sign.


Venus, which governs libra, also rules our heart. The heart is the chakra of highest feelings of love. A well functioning heart can spread the love of Venus all around it. Can make its surroundings beautiful. Libra natives will not only make their surroundings pretty materially but will also gain a vision and power with which they can beautify people and the whole world.



(24 October-22 November)

Ruling planet: Mars and Pluto
Group: Fixed
Element: Water
Colour: Dark red, maroon


Positive characteristics: power to transform themselves, deep perception, intuition, bearing and determined, ability to influence others


Negative or weak aspects: jealousy, possessiveness, holding grudges, doubtfullness, indulgence in power


Energy center: the seventh chakra, Sahasrara


A difficult sign to understand that can live in the extremes. Enjoys both physical and deep inner power. Has strong magnetism, depth and desire to be powerful. Forces all limits. Has the capacity to heal itself under every circumstance.


Can continue its inner and outer struggle in a determined way without deviating from its goal even in the most difficult or dangerous circumstances. Likes to work alone, loneliness never bores them. Work with patience and diligence. Has infinite energy.


Strong instincts. Can understand a person or event deeply with the first glance. Can be harsh if blurts out emotions. Speaks harsh when angry and can expose the weak sides of a person. Can be possessive in relationships. Could make life difficult both for themselves and for the people around them by displaying dominating and jealous behaviour.


Scorpio is like a locked up box and is an expert at conceiling things about itself. Hides its emotions despite being a water sign. Never gives out secrets.


Has the capacity to renew itself after even the most difficult events. Interested in the meaning of life, death and life after death. Under the effect of the war planet Mars and the power of power and deep transformation, Pluto. Mars gives this sign a great bearing capacity and sense of control. Pluto gives it mystery, deep understanding and instincts. Mars also governs our Mooladhara chakra and so is deeply connected with life. Our first chakra gives us innocence and child like magnetism coming from innocence and purity. However, a badly used Mars could lead Scorpios into extremes in sexuality and use their magnetic power in a destructive way. Scorpios can transform both themselves and their surroundings if they strengthen the positive qualities of innocence, purity and wisdom within their first chakra. The second planet that rules Scorpio, Pluto, is also the planet of our last chakra, the Sahasrara. This establishes our connection with the Divine power, with the eternal cosmic energy. Pluto brings about deep changes. Pluto is a mysterious and powerful planet that gives a person a natural charisma and influence. Natives of this sign are as attached to life as they are interested in death and the afterlife, the transformation of the spirit. They can demonstrate very beneficial spiritual transformation if they use their Pluto power positively. They can become good leaders. However, to do so they must see their weak points, get over their doubts and insecurities and their ego. Only then can they serve as channels of the transforming power of divine love.



(23 November-21 December)

Ruling planet: Jupiter
Group: Mutable
Element: Fire
Colour: Turqoise, purple


Positive characteristics: open to new things, understanding, generous, philosophical, optimistic, faithful in God, freedom loving and enthusiastic


Negative or weak aspects: dogmatic, fanatic, not careful in speech, exaggerating


Energy center: the third chakra, Nabhi


Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and open to new things. They are enthusiastic about life and are idealistic. Strong intuition makes them successful in philosophy. They enjoy travelling, visiting different places and meeting new people.


They like to make changes and cannot stay put in one place for long. It is a changing sign and this could make their behaviour unpredictable. Can feel indecisive easily.


They try to learn, practice what they have learned and improve themselves. However, they can become bored easily and start following a new route.


Natives of this sign are seekers. They seek the truth, knowledge and wisdom. They have a strong sense of discrimination between right and wrong. Fair, moral and virtuous people who try to live according to ethics are usually people from this sign. They have strong faith. Could become dogmatic or fanatic because they are prone to exaggerating. Good speakers. Could hurt others unwantingly because they speak openly and directly due to their purity.


Humourous, fun to be with and good friends. They make people around them feel enthusiastic and optimistic. Inspiring and joyful. Has a special interest and skill in sports.


The planet ruling this sign is Jupiter. This planet also governs our third, nabhi chakra. Jupiter is both the largets planet in our solar system and its energy makes things grow and multiply. It can magnify everything both good and bad. A badly affected Jupiter in our chart could make us boastful, greedy or physically vulnerable to putting on weight. Our third chakra represents satisfaction and balanced attitudes. We can attain complete satisfaction within ourselves by balancing this chakra. We become balanced in our behaviour and not only in eating and drinking. Jupiter also gives us prosperity and is very generous. The Nabhi chakra also governs these topics within us. We can experience the wealth and prosperity coming from Jupiter in the light of satisfaction and generosity when this chakra is cleared out. It makes us wealthier both financially and spiritually. Another quality of our third chakra is that we can lead a higher quality life and evolve within certain limits thanks to the moral and virtuous qualities we experience here. The energy of Jupiter makes the natives of this sign virtuous and moral, principled people. We should not forget about Jupiter’s magnifying and multiplying energy and should refrain from fanaticism. However, we become moral naturally and live accordingly if our Nabhi chakra is in balance.



(22 December – 22 January)

Ruling planet: Saturn
Group: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Colour: Brown, dark grey


Positive characteristics: withstands difficulties, trustworthy, patient, determined, organized


Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, pessimistic, doesn’t like to spend money, materialistic, likes being in high positions


Energy center: the fifth chakra, Vishuddhi


This sign is known to be serious, trustworthy, responsible and hardworking. Has a strong sense of duty. They might taken on a lot of responsibility and start working at a small age. Might become very good business people. Developed sense of management. Very disciplined. Works relentlessly to reach its goals. Doesn’t relax easily. Can become insecure and pessimistic easily. Could be sulking and serious people due to the grown up life that starts at an early age.


They become more childlike as they grow up. They appear young even at an odl age and could become simple like children with the wisdom they gain from their experiences.


Does not reveal its emotions much, lives in deep areas and attaches importance to material security. They can worry easily and lose their self confidence if they are not financially ok.


Reserved, shy and very busy with their work, this sign finds it hard to build friendships. However they hold on to their few number of friends for an entire life.


Attached to their past, roots, and memories. This could make them fanatic at times. Conservative people.


It is a reserved earth sign that doesn’t immediately reveal itself. Takes action only when it is certain of things. Attaches great importance to marriage and family life. Very aware of its responsibilities. Building a family, being protective and being a father (for male natives) could become very important in their life.


Saturn is the ruling planet for both this sign and the fifth, Vishuddhi chakra. Saturn is a planet that trains a person by putting him through various tests during the process of evolution. It also makes a person face up to his weak aspects and strengthen them. It is a “teacher” planet.


A strong Saturn in our birth chart could make a person come across difficulties earlier in life and so, become a stronger being. Serious and responsible. Must refrain from being pessimistic.


This chakra makes a person feel lonely and pessimistic if it is not used properly. The positive side of this chakra is that we become collective and view life like a game, in a witness state and enjoy it. If the Sagittarius can awaken these qualities in his Vishuddhi chakra, he can then objectively witness the difficulties he is experiencing and enjoy life. He can open himself up to the collectivity, to the entire humanity. This is how they will get over their feelings of loneliness, insecurity and indecisiveness.



(21 January-19 February)

Ruling planet: Saturn and Uranus
Group: Fixed
Element: Air
Colour: Turquoise


Positive characteristics: humane, visionary, progressive, objective, rational and scientific, good at socializing


Negative or weak aspects: rejects tradition, tries to be different, restless and rebellious


Energy center: the fifth chakra, Vishuddhi


Aquarius is humane, works for humanity, is involved in social matters, progresssive and idealistic. They not only dream because they are rational but they also prefer to be members of organizations that will turn their ideals into reality.


They like everything that is collective. They favor new concepts and change. They work to make the world a better place.


Values individual and collective freedom. Defends modernity but could be stubborn and single minded because of its fixed nature.


Their views are usually beyond those of their era and they are instinctive. They like to approach life like a scientist and in an objective manner. This is why it is not easy to come close to this sign. They like to maintain a distance with people.


They view life with a wide perspective and rationally. Strong friends and will stand by you with their principled behaviour. It is not emotional because it is an air sign.


They are always the ones to produce creative ideas. They are creative, different and rebellious at times since their childhood.


Two planets affect this sign: Saturn and Uranus. You can find the responsibility of Saturn and the originality of Uranus in this sign. These planets, which also govern our fifth chakra, give Aquarius people their characteristic traits. The Vishuddhi chakra gives us collectivity, love for humans, humane feelings and activities. A good Vishuddhi helps us think of the good of entire humanity, not only of ourselves. We view life more objectively and are optimistic. Natives of this sign can maximize these qualities by clearing out their Vishuddhi chakra and can be original, visionary, instinctive, free of selfishness, beneficial to entire humanity and successful.



(19 February-20 March)

Ruling planet: Jupiter and Neptune
Group: Mutable
Element: Water
Colour: Water green


Positive characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, strong imagination, artistic inspiration, creative, good at heart, faith in God


Negative or weak aspects: lack of will power, indecisive, lacking in self confidence, dreamy, avoids reality, feels sorry for himself


Energy center: the third Nabhi and sixth Agnya chakra


Very compassionate, calm and understanding. Can be effected by outer influences easily because of its sensitivity and can get hurt. Retreats into a dream world often due to strong imagination. Tends to avoid reality by doing so. Sweet and sacrificing. Tries to help less fortunate people because of its good heart and compassion.


Very sensitive, strong instincts and very understanding of the feelings of others. Their outer appearance and behaviour makes them seem as if they come from another world. Does not have a fighting nature and so always stays away from arguments. Forgiving and peace loving. Their slow movements that avoid hurrying can be called laziness at times.


Humorous, well liked by friends. Spread positive energy with their joyful attitude. Could withdraw into its own shell at times. Insecurity is among the traits of this sign.


There area also Pisces people who feel sorry for themselves, who are afraid to take action, who lack in willpower and wo take up addictions like drinking because they do not want to face the truth. Feels indecisive often because it is a member of the changing group of signs. This makes them go into a state of seeking often, become undecided about what they want and feel disappointed.


Very artistic and creative. You can see natives of this sign deal with more than one field of arts at a time. Arts are very good for Pisces people to manifest their sensitive nature and strong imagination. The last sign of Pisces is the sign of highest love and universal oneness. This turns into spiritual oneness at later ages of life. Is a water sign and therefore has a deep understanding of the feelings of others and relates with their pain and tries to help them.


Pisces is influenced by Jupiter, which rules our third chakra, and Neptune, which is related with our sixth chakra. Jupiter makes Pisces people generous, faithful in God and seekers. By clearing out their nabhi chakra, the sensitive Pisces can manage to stay in balance, stay above illusions and be one with himself. A bad diet and bad habits like drinking harms this chakra and destroys the sensitivity and inner balance of the third chakra. Such a person could easily lose touch with reality and do wrong things. This is why Pisces people must pay attention to their diet.  Natives of this sign are also vulnerable to putting on weight. We can maintain an ideal weight by strengthening our satisfaction and being careful about what we eat at the third chakra. The third chakra and Jupiter give us a seeking for truth. Pisces people are also strong seekers. Their life assumes a universal integrity as they realize themselves. Meditation is very good for this sign. Sharing this with other people will manifest greater satisfaction.


Neptune affects our sixth chakra, the Agnya, which is located on our forhead. The keywords of the sixth chakra are forgiveness, compassion and simplicity. Feeling sorry for one’s self, pessimism, negative feelings from the past and conditionings affect our sixth chakra negatively. Clearing this center will purify our mind of unnecessary thougths and emotions and will help us feel universal oneness within ourselves.


Pisces people can use their innate forgiveness and compassion to value both themselves and others. By developing self respect they can experience universal love and spirituality in a more healthy way and can be of great benefit both to themselves and humanity.