Zodiac signs and gemstones



Aries: ruled by the planet Mars

Makes it to the top by strengthening its creativity, logic and perception by wearing CORAL.


icons_taurusTaurus: ruled by the planet Venus
Strengthens its morale and transforms obstacles into opportunities with yellow RUBY.


icons_geminiGemini: ruled by the planet Mercury
Transforms nervous energy into positive and opens the doors to happiness with TOPAZ, AMBER and AMETHYST.


icons_cancerCancer: ruled by the Moon.
PEARL gives this sign mental balance, a sense of security and strength. Moonstone has positive effects as well.


icons_leoLEO: ruled by the Sun
Leo clears its mind, enhances concentration and gives a vision as clear as the Sun with GOLD.


icons_virgoVirgo: ruled by the planet Mercury
Can attain happiness by opening its heart with TOPAZ, AMBER and AMETHYST.


icons_libraLibra: ruled by the planet Venus
RUBY, which supports the positive qualities of the otherwise self centered libra while increasing its joy and consciousness, can even help quarreling lovers make up.


icons_scorpioScorpio: ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto
Attains peace and success by increasing its spiritual power, constancy and sensitivity with CORAL and PEARL.


icons_sagittariusSagittarius: ruled by the planet Jupiter
Can obtain and establish higher self confidence, strength and luck by wearing EMERALD.


icons_capricornCapricorn: ruled by the planet Saturn
Sapphyre, turqoise and aqua marine help natives of this sign overcome their withdrawn and headstrong nature and helps them do the right thing at the right time.


icons_aquariusAquarius: ruled by the planet Uranus
Should use diamonds to increase mental strength, succeed in accomplishing goals and overcome its inborn sarcasm.


icons_piscesPisces: ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter
This sign balances sudden changes with TOPAZ, YELLOW SAPPHIRE, AMBER and EMERALD by bringing about progress on the mental level. Can overcome its weakness of being over emotional by discovering the source of the positive energy within.


We suggest you wear the gem that strengthens your sign on the same place.