Known as Pandu in Ayurveda. Defined as insufficient red blood cells and hemoglobin.



1. Bleeding due to any wounds in the body

2. Diet with less iron intake (too much tea or coffee)

3. Rapid blood cell disintegration in the body

4. Anything that speeds up the spleen to much: leading a fast lifestyle, eating fast, watching tv while eating, reading the newspaper, talking on the phone…

5. Disorders in certain organs (stomach, liver, bone marrow, spleen…) could hamper blood cell production and cause anemia.


Oxygen is very important for body cells to continue their functions. Oxygen is carried to the cells through our lungs with the help of red blood cells. A person feels very tired and weak even if he doesn’t work much if he has a low blood count.


There is a significant paleness on the face and body of such people.



If there is bleeding anywhere in the body, the reason for this should be found first and the bleeding should be stopped.

Diet related insufficiency: iron rich food should be taken. Particularly those with green leaves (sting netle, parsley, green onion, coriander, spinach, rocket leaf…), dried organic fruit (apricot, figs, grapes), almonds, molasses, honey, fat free red meat. Consumption of these foods can be increased at times of illness.

Adding black cumin (very high in iron) to deserts made of sugar obtained from sugarcane help (especially in liver patients).

Fresh apple juice, pomegranate juice (which has high vitamin c levels and increases iron intake) should be taken. Fruit juices should be consumed on an empty stomach and you shouldn’t eat anything for the next 1-1.5 hours.

Fresh carrot and red beetroot can be sliced and taken with lemon juice on it. (ladies can take it more at times of mensturation)


When you are sick:

1. Wet 10-12 blackcurrents in water and take it with water for 2 weeks

2. Take a teaspoon of polen for 2-3 weeks

3. Take 100 ml of spinach juice for 2 weeks


Punarvana Mandura is a herbal combination of 22 different substances used in Ayurveda to cure anemia. The  mostly effective plant in this combination is a vine called punarvana (boerhaavia diffusa) that grows in India. One gram of this dust should be mixed with honey and taken 3-4 times a day. Unfortunately, this plant isn’t found in Turkey or sold here either.

Fried food and sour food like dry cottage cheese shouldn’t be consumed in anemia. Tea and coffee shouldn’t be taken during meals and intake must be reduced.

Washing your hands before meals, eating peacefully and slowly, eating without leaving the table and eating at early hours, sleeping early (between 9-11) and waking up early (between 4-6) all help the liver and spleen function in a balanced way.

According to Ayurveda, the body comes down with anemia when the Pitta is disturbed (combination of fire and water / related with digestion). The best way to cure pitta is to clear out the intestines. There are a few ways to do this: running down a glass of milk with water, boiling it and drinking it lukewarm before going to sleep (you can add sugar if you wish) or coconut juice on an empty stomach are very good.


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