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According to the description of World Health Organization (WHO), health is the state of well-being physically, spiritually, and socially. This description considers the human health as a whole, and states: “you are healthy, if you are balanced as a whole.” Our physical body, spiritual state, and mental activity influence each other, and are affected by various factors, one of which is diet. Diet is an important factor that can both positively and negatively affect our health. The good news is that, it is in our hands to keep this factor under control.

Human beings, like other animals, need to consume nutrients in order to survive. Proper selection of these nutrients, which are necessary for our bodies, is very important.

alkali beslenme 2The nutrients, oxygen, and water that we take in are used in specific processes in our bodies, which produce energy, restoration substances, and waste materials. This is where the importance of proper nutrition comes in. Wrong nutrition allows many unnecessary and harmful substances in our systems. As a result, our bodies have to work overtime in order to remove or neutralize these substances. Although our bodies can cooperate up to a certain point, they fail after a while.

Cells are the foundation stones of our bodies. They make up our tissues, and tissues make up our organs and systems. Well-being of these foundation stones is very important. Degenerated cells affect the health of tissues and organs they are connected to. As a result, connected organs and systems cannot function properly, and unwanted diseases are developed. 





Acid is a liquid that has hydrogen ion, and is evaluated by pH.

pH simply shows the amount of hydrogen ion in a liquid; it is the measurement unit of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

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All the fluids in the body have a specific PH value. Blood, being the most important fluid, has the PH value of 7,35 to 7,45, which is slightly alkaline. It is vital for the blood PH to stay in this range.
As mentioned before, as a result of the reactions in the body, harmful substances and toxins are created. Since these substances are acidic in nature and unstable, they seek to become stable by taking electrons from other sources. When cleansing systems in our bodies fall short, these acidic substances attack the cell membranes and damage them.

We can reduce the acid load in our bodies by taking advantage of alkaline nutrients. When we mention the acid or alkaline qualities of nutrients, we mean the qualities after consumption.


Free radicals are like thieves lacking energy. Free radicals attack other cells and steal their energy in order to satisfy themselves.

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alkali beslenme 31)    Vegetables are major sources of alkaline. We can consume these marvelous nutrients, which the nature provides us abundantly, as much as we like.
However, we need to prepare them using proper methods of cooking.

We can take advantage of the vitamins and minerals in these nutrients if we consume them boiled, grilled, or preferably raw.

2)    Oils play a major role in our diet. Using the right oil, we can make use of the energy and other functions this nutrient can provide us. Among the right oils are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, and butter in small amounts.

3)    Among proteins, organic chicken, fish, and eggs are better choices. With these proteins, and especially with red meat, we should consume lots of raw vegetables so that the toxins released after consumption of these foods can be neutralized and easily removed. 

Among milk, goat milk and its products are preferred. Uncured cheese is also a very beneficial nutrient.

alkali beslenme 44)    Legumes are very important since they contain both proteins and carbohydrates. Because they slowly increase the blood sugar levels, insulin release after consumption of these foods is balanced.

5)    Another group of alkaline nutrients we need to consume is seeds. Among these are, walnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, and flaxseed.

6)    Nutrients made of buckwheat, cracked wheat, and whole wheat are beneficial.

7)    Using the right salt: salt is also an important nutrient due to the minerals it contains; of course using the right type, in the right amount is important. We can use rock salt, sea salt, and Himalayan salt.

8)    We need to consume lots of water. Water is very import for vital functions of the body. In order to increase the benefits of the water we drink, we can make it alkaline. To do so, we can use lemon and vinegar in our drinking water.



1)    Processed food
2)    Refined salt, flour, sugar, and coffee
3)    Fried food
4)    Saturated fat
5)    Smoking
6)    Alcohol
7)    Sugar
8)    Fast Food
9)    All foods made of white flour
10)    Excess caffeine

Exercising regularly, sleeping well, mental and emotional balance, staying away from stress and anxiety are other activities we can do for a healthy life.

At the beginning, we mentioned spiritual and mental wholeness, and gave information about our physical health. We can use Sahaja Yoga techniques in order to protect and improve our spiritual and mental health.

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