Frequently asked questions on meditation

Are there any special words for meditation?

There are certain affirmations linked to the qualities of chakras that do help one reach the state of meditations. There are also certain sounds based on the ancient language of Sanskrit that directly resonate with vibrations in different chakras and thus are very helpful for meditation. You can learn those affirmations and sounds at Sahaja Yoga centers or in Online Yoga Program.

What time is best for meditation?

Meditation can be done at any time although late night hours are generally considered to be not the best time. There is a difference between meditating in the morning and in the evening. For many people early morning meditation is generally deeper, although it may depend on the particular person. Another specialty of morning meditation is that it helps one to tune oneself so that the following day well pass better, less stressful and more peaceful and joyful. Evening meditation, on the other hand, helps one trow off the day's stress and sleep better.

Can meditation be harmful?

The short answer is NO. As meditation is by definition the state of thoughtless awareness, it is just a natural state and thus cannot cause any harm. The idea that meditation can be harmful comes because there are many people nowadays who are not authorised to teach meditation, who themselves do not know what meditation is. Instead of real meditation they utilize some fancy techniques, push their followers to achieve some “modified states of consciousness” which can be damaging to one’s psyche and body. But real meditation is never harmful.

What kind of music is good for meditation?

Meditation music helps one achieve the state of meditation by activating one’s chakras (energy centers). Indian classical music is very good for meditation. You can see more in the Meditation music section.

How to start meditating?

Without awakening the inner Kundalini energy it is extremely difficult to achieve the state of meditation. Only when the Kundalini awakens and passes through the 6th chakra relaxing it the continuous flow of thoughts can stop automatically and one can be in the state of meditation. We invite you to try Self-Realization meditation to awaken your Kundalini energy.

How to meditate at home?

Meditation can be practiced in any quiet place. It is also essential to be comfortable so that nothing disturbs the meditator’s attention. Thus home should be a very suitable place for meditation. There is nothing to be done specially, just watch yourself and your thoughts without any expectation and slowly you can reach the state of meditation. But before one needs to get Self-Realization, otherwise achieving the state of meditation is extremely difficult. You can also see the simple techniques helping to achieve the state of meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is by definition the state of thoughtless awareness. By bringing about inner balance and peace meditation is helpful in every aspect of life, including one’s physical condition, psyche, professional and family life. Here you can read more about meditation and its benefits.

How is a person who does meditation called?

There is no special word for those practicing meditation but in order to be able to achieve the state of real meditation one has to be in Yoga which means ‘connection’ in Sanskrit, such a person is called a Yogi, i.e. the one who has established the connection with the Universe.

How soon will I see the benefits of meditation?

First effects of meditation such as relaxation, calmness, joy, a state of satisfaction can be felt immediately. Then, if one practices meditation regularly, within a few weeks one may see some positive changes in one’s life. Normally it takes a couple of months to establish oneself in the state of meditation and to start really enjoying it. Then one will start noticing some deeper benefits of meditation. This process does not stop there of course, as one continues meditation, new deeper and more diverse benefits of meditation will start showing themselves in one’s life.

Is meditation really beneficial?

Yes, real meditation has a lot of positive effects in one’s life because meditation brings about inner balance and helps one to keep attention on the inner self rather than on the outside problems. You can read here more about the benefits of editation.