sahaja-yoga-meditationNow you all have realized by this time that within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go ‘within,’ what they call ‘in the meditative state’; you seek it, you enjoy it.

Like when you are thirsty, you go to a river, or you go to an ocean and try to quench your thirst. But even the ocean cannot give you sweet water. So how can anything that is spread outside give you what is deep within you? You are trying to find it outside, where it does not lie. It is within us, absolutely within us. It is so simple, because it is your own. It is within our reach, just there!

Whatever you have been doing—going out to find joy, so-called ‘joy,’ so-called ‘happiness,’ so-called ‘glory’of worldly powers and worldly possessions—you have to reverse it back, the whole thing. You have to project within yourself. It was not wrong that you went out (to seek). It was not correct that you went out. You should not feel sorry for what you have done  so far. It was not the correct way to get to the real joy of life, the real glory of your being.

It was worked in so many people that they have entered into that subtler understanding. Some people are maybe only at a mental level, does not matter. Maybe some are only at a physical level where they can feel it, does not matter. But you are on the right line—you are moving correctly.

Try to meditate. Meditate more, so that you reach that “inner being”. And this inner being is the vast ocean of bliss which exists in every one of us. It is that vast flood of light that floods everybody’s inner beauty. So to approach it, you have to go within yourself, by denying things which are against it, against your movement (inwards).

Sometimes the wind can be very, very strong for you to not understand that the glory of God is within. But turn back. Every moment remember that your movement has to be inward. When you are moving inward you forget the ideas of your outer “glories.”

A person who is of a very base nature thinks that if he makes a lot of money he has achieved joy. But he has not. He is the most unhappy person. If you go and see him, he is worried about small, small things of the life; and you must have heard that people who are very rich are  kleptomaniacs. They are very miserly, they are worried about a needle here and there. A little thing missing—they get upset. They have so many habits they can’t live without. Riches have always brought a curse on human beings. So those who seek only riches cannot enjoy them.

Then there are some better people who think that by ruling others, by getting power, they can achieve a very great position in life. They too, as you know, fail. You have seen what happens to them. People do not even want to talk about them.

Now there are people who get attached to someone, to one person, or to the family… to relations—very common in India. That is also not the way you can get to God…

But if you enter your being fully, then all this things have meaning. Everything has such a meaning then. In the sense that if a person has something, it is supposed that he “possesses” it. But he becomes so detached that he is never possessive—he is so detached about it. And because he is so detached, he can create a drama out of it. He can “play” with the possessions, and teach lots of lessons to people. He is so detached, so generous, and he enjoys his generosity.

Everything becomes so different too, so dynamic. All the beauty that is created by human beings to be “possessions,” is exposed to you and you start enjoying all those things, without possessing them. You understand the myth of possession. When you meditate, it is an individual journey towards God, and when you “arrive,” then you become collective. But before that it is an absolutely individual journey!

You should be able to see this; that on this journey nobody is your relation, nobody is your brother, nobody is your friend. You are absolutely alone. Absolutely alone. You have to move alone within yourself. Do not hate anyone. Do not be irresponsible, but in a meditative mood. You are alone. No one exists there, but you. And once you enter into that ocean (within) then the whole world becomes your family. The whole world is your own manifestation. All the children become “your” children and you treat all people with equal understanding.

The whole expansion takes place when you enter inside your Spirit and start seeing through the eyes of the Spirit. There is such calm, such peace, such bliss within you. You have to be ready for that journey—that journey alone, in your state of meditation. And the more you find something in your meditation, the more you want to go and distribute it to others.

That has to be; if that does not come into you then it has not worked out, there is not purity, there is some sort of a bias. In that individual pursuit, whatever you find, you want to enjoy with others, you want to give it to others. This is the sign of a person, who has been really meditative. The one who is meditative and has not been able to distribute what he has found is cheating himself and cheating others as well. Because that joy that you receive in your meditation has to be distributed, has to be given, has to be shown.

It should flow in your being as the light radiates from an illumined lamp. You do not have to take a vow to say that this is an “enlightened” light. In the same way a Saint should not have to be “certified” that he is a Saint. The depth you achieve within yourself spreads all over. It is such an action and reaction. The deeper you become, the greater the radiation.

A simple person, a very ordinary uneducated person, can be like that. We have, you know, one gentleman called Varig in Bombay. He is an old man, and is so deep. He radiates. People  epend on him. He “radiates” love. He is so meditative. You do not have to spend too much time on meditation. But whatever time you do spend, whatever you gain, has to be visible on the outside, how you radiate and how you give it to others. That is the quality of the saints you have to be. Unless and until you become deeper, we cannot save others in Sahaja Yoga, and we cannot save those who are not in Sahaja Yoga. You have to rise higher and higher to pull the whole “curtain” up. Those who try to rise higher pull the whole thing upward, and they give a pull to everyone, who ascend with them.

So just try to keep your aim clear-cut. You must try to understand what your aim in life is with Sahaja Yoga. Now you are changed people. You are no more people who have to deal with possessions, or worry about them, about mundane things, about your livelihoods. You are no more people who have to worry too much about your health and things, or your personal lives. Also you are not to worry about your jobs so much. That is not important. And last of all, do not worry about your family, children, husband, wife and about finding a pocket to hide away in. Because the only thing in which you can really hide yourself is the love of God, where you really can get the great, restful, blissful feeling of His complete protection.

May God bless you.