Indian Classical Music is the proud representative of the most complicated and complete musical system in history. This form of music also seperates the octave into 12 semitones. The seven basic notes are SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA and NI, which replace DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA and SI.

Wise people who used to see the reflection of nature’s diversity in their spirit, felt that their inner being gave different responses to nature’s various calls (the elements, birds and animals, seasons, times of the day). Thus emerged the knowledge of the seven notes and infinite ragas or moods.





NI The last swar, NISHAD or NI, derives from the majestic call of the elephant. It activates the last energy center called the Sahasrara. This center is located in the limbic area and is the center of Self Realization.






DHA The sixth sound DHAIVAT or shortly DHA, comes from the sound of the frog. It establishes forgiveness and compassion. DHA is the  note of the Agnya Chakra located at the level of the optic chiasm in the brain.






PA The fifth swar, which is also the sound of the coo coo bird is the short form of PANCHAM. It establishes pure communication and the feeling of collectivity.








MA The fourth or middle sound is MADHYAM or MA. This is actually the sound of the crane. It gives a sense of security, which is also connected to the heart chakra.







GA Third is GANDHAR and is abbreviated as GA. It represents the sound of the goat (or sheep) and activates the inner peace and satisfaction within the third chakra, the Nabhi.





RE The second sound RE is the short form of RISHABA. The sound of the bull. SHUDDH RE, awakens the pure creativity and pure knowledge found in the Swadisthan Chakra located at the level of the aortic plexus.






SA The first sound, called SA, is the short form of SHADJA. It represents the sound of the peacock. It is the most basic sound and each note in a raga has an element of SA in it. Thus, this sound corresponds to the Mooladhara Chakra, the first energy center which is the foundation of the subtle system of the  human being.