Music Therapy for Meditation

Indian classical music therapy is a complementary therapy that promotes  the inbuilt natural healing process. This music produces beneficial  effects and is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually  uplifting. It can be effective by itself and also can be applied as an  adjuvant therapy from our ancestors who were spiritually evolved and  had realized essential harmony between the human being and nature.  Original knowledge of these things is found in Vedas. Gandharva Veda,  which is a constituent of Sama Veda, is regarded as the Veda of Music.  The science of medication is one of the most enlightened ways of Sama  Veda.


Omkar Music Therapy by Dr Arun Apte

omkar therapy

The  Omkar Therapy is part of a discipline called music therapy (in this case Indian music), a type of therapy that allows the improvement of the health through music.

In particular, through the combination of specific notes (this combination of notes is called Raga) you can act on specific chakra.

OM (Omkar) is the primordial sound of which created the universe. Also the sound of the residue, called Kundalini.

The Omkar consists of 4 sounds: A and U contracts that give O, O nasal   (anuswara) and M.

Each of these sounds has a direct effect on our energy system:

  1. A - kar has the power to activate   the left channel or lunar channel,
  2. U - kar has the power to activate the right   channel or solar channel,
  3. M - kar acts directly on the center   channel.

This therapy is widely used for stress management.



Sit  upright and relaxed, cross-legged, on the floor. If you choose to sit  on a chair, place your feet a little apart from each other, without  shoes. Rest your hands palms open and upward on your lap.


Indian classical music therapy by Dr Arun Apte

music therapy



Dr Arun Apte is a registered medical practitioner  in music therapy by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines registered by  the government of West Bengal with the open International University of  Complimentary Medicines. He is internationally as expert in the field  of music therapy through spiritual yoga method.

Dr. Arun  Apte’s Medicinal Indian  vocal music therapy is a culmination of 10 years of research on the  effects of Indian music based on a combination of multiple sciences .  It  is not only therapeutic for physical, mental and emotional  disorders, but it also elevates the participant to a new spiritual  dimension effortlessly.


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How does Indian classical  music therapy work on the chakra system?

In our day-to-day life, we find that all the seven chakras are not  active all the time. Some do not work properly, as there are some  hindrances, due to lack of required energy power. Since these chakras  are connected with different organs, any hindrance in their functioning  creates physical imbalance in the person. Emotional and mental  imbalance are also seen depending upon the state of the chakras. Indian  classical music produces different effects such as heating, cooling,  soothing and emotional psyche of the listener. When the energy,  vibrations and frequency of Indian classical music match with the  energy, vibrations and frequency of the chakras, they get activated.  This inner integration makes a natural path for the Kundalini to rise  upward. When rising, the Kundalini nourishes the chakras and provides  proper energy to them. Since organs are connected with the chakras,  they also get the proper and adequate energy required and thus the  balance is restored. Once the Kundalini finds its path to rise, it  rises and pierces through the fontanel bone area and forms connection  with the cosmic energy (power of divine love): it enlightens the brain  and activates all the nerves in the brain, which in return, enlighten  the heart.

About the raagas

Indian classical music is based on the raaga system. The raaga is a  melodic scale, consisting of notes. The word 'raaga' in Sanskrit means  'to please'. Technically then raaga means a sweet combination of musical  notes coming after another in succession.

Raaga Shyam Kalyan helps to activate Mooladhara chakra. It allows the Kundalini rise gently, easily  and naturally.

Raaga Gurjari Todi has a capacity to cool down the liver and Raga  Gurjari Todi and Yaman has a power of sustenance. Both raagas help to activate Swadisthan  chakra. Both raagas have a power to stabilize the wandering attention  which is very important for the meditation.

Raaga Abhogi helps  to activate Nabhi chakra and stimulate the digestion process.

Raaga Bhairav and Durga have a power of divine bliss and  protection. Both raagas help to activate Heart chakra.

Raaga Jaijaiwanti helps to activate Vishuddhi chakra which controls five sense organs.

Raaga Bhup is found effective to purify and open the Agnya chakra by deflating the  baloon-like structures, of subconscious and ego. It is also useful to  release tension, anger and mental fatigue. Mood created by this raaga  greatly assist the Kundalini to pass through the Agnya chakra and enter  the apex chakra Sahasrara in the limbic area. The person is now in the  state of thoughtless awareness.

Raaga Darbari and Bhairavi  are extremely helpful to settle and prolong the thoughtless awareness  state. Notes of this raagas relax the limbic area. The Kundalini then  soothens and nourishes the chakra and the brain. One feels joyous,  energetic, peaceful and relieved of tension and depression. The person  also enjoys the sensation of cool breeze on his fingertips. This is the  state of yoga. Regular practice in this way can open a new dimension of  self knowledge and collective consciousness. Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation,  the person can effortlessly achieve his complete well-being.