Self Realization

Realization meditation guided by Shri Mataji

Sit comfortably but straight. It would be better for you to remove your shoes while meditating because the Mother Earth absorbs all negativity in herself.
Put both hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards, look at Shri Mataji’s picture and relax. Say the following three times with a strong sincere and pure desire with all your heart: “Mother, please give me my self realization.”

You will start feeling a cool breeze in your hands and above your head. You will feel more relaxed and your thoughts will slowly start disappearing. This is the first phase of the pure and peaceful state of meditation where you are fully awake but without any thoughts – this is called thoughtless awareness.
The energy that you are feeling in your hands and above your head could initially be warm (this indicates that your Kundalini energy is clearing out your energy centers/chakras) but it will cool down in a short while. You can prove this by raising your left palm 5-10 cm above your head and then repeating the same with your right palm.

If you cannot feel anything initially then stretch your right hand completely, press the top of your head with the center of your palm and massage your scalp clockwise (the fontanelle bone area).  Then calmly look at Shri Mataji’s picture without thinking for a while longer.

This is the beginning of the magnificient spiritual journey that you have started towards your own spiritual self. It is a new door that has opened in your discovery of consciousness in a new dimension. If you meditate regularly you can also feel your own energy centers (chakras) and the energy centers of others on your fingertips and you can cure them with your own spiritual energy (Kundalini).

Realization meditation step by step

I want to know more

How does this happen? Shri Mataji was not only born with a completely awake Kundalini energy but she also has an unmatched and unique gift of being able to give self realization to thousands of people at the same time. Apart from her physical form, her photos, videos and audio tapes also spread vibrations (Kundalini energy manifesting) that are recognized by your own spiritual energy which She invites to awaken within you.


Sahaja Yoga is an experience. It is not a theory or a belief system but is something that you can experience and prove to yourself. The physical benefits of Sahaja Yoga that have been studied by modern medicine are completely transparent and scientific (please visit the section on chakras and the subtle system).

The potential of a single human is limitless. It only has to establish the connection with its source (Self/Spirit) first. Shri Mataji’s photograph, which spreads a pure energy, is a catalyst in this happening. You will soon discover that this nourishing and soothing energy, which is found within every human, has the capacity to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being completely in the peace and joy of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The topic of Sahaja Yoga is based on ancient sources and is extremely wide. These webpages are able to offer only a small insight. You can contact the center nearest to you to learn more about how to meditate and establish yourself in this experience (Sahaja Yoga centers near you).