Kundalini, Vibrations, Self-Realization




Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us and is dormant in the sacrum bone under our spine. Ancient civilizations knew that a spiritual energy existed in this spiritual bone. This energy has soothing and motherly qualities.


Self realization is when the Kundalini awakens, rises along the central channel, pierces through the seven chakras and emerges from the fontanelle bone area above the head in the form of a soft, cool “source”. The word fontanelle means little fountain. This also shows that ancient civilizations knew about self realization.


Self realization has always been the aim of all spiritual beliefs in the world but attaining it was very difficult in the past. Today, however, masses can take their self realization thanks to Sahaja Yoga, which was gifted to humanity by Shri Mataji.


In her own words, Shri Mataji describes self realization as "the first encounter with reality". "Within us, inside our heart is a Mother and if She is awakened, She will start taking care of us. She will give us all the protection we need and we will have nothing to fear."


"The Kundalini gives you health, she improves you and bestows all holy things on you. She takes away all your worldly problems." says Shri Mataji.


The Kundalini energy manifests itself in the form of "cool vibrations", which are called "chaitanya" in Sanskrit. Shri Mataji describes Chaitanya as "The integrated power of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being."


The picture on top of this page was taken in Russia during one of Shri Mataji's visits to the country. It was taken at a location close to her place of stay. You can see the Kundalini energy coming out of the Mother Earth. 


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