Let us choose the future.

The word “ecology” comes from oikos/home and logos/science in Greek and when used together with other words it means “the principle ruling home”.

Mankind has for long held the desire to truly unite with planet earth, to see it as its real home, to enhance its relationship with other living beings and to research about the food chain and pyramid. The beauty of all the nature around you rests on the harmony between species that have evolved over 4 billion years. Mankind has benefited from this biological diversity at every stage of its life in terms of food, medicine, rest, culture and aesthetics. Mankind cannot build such a beneficial biological and environmental system all by itself.

However, what is happening in this “home” today =

Climate change and global warming
Extinction of flaura and fauna, plants and animals
Destruction of plant and animal habitats
Pollution of oceans and seas
Overuse of lands that should be protected and which cannot be renewed
Drying of watery areas

… the creature responsible for all of this.. the most evolved living being… humans. The only living being that can think and decide.  Has decided to create and destroy. The threat posed by mankind to its own harmonious living has reached a level great enough to endanger its very own existence.  Is mankind aware of this privilege of freedom it has been granted? Can it take responsibility for its own decisions and answer to the future generations?

The governor of Seattle has said these lands were not granted to us but were rented from our children. Ancient people had not cut off their ties with nature and their vision of their home and harmony was quite clear. What changed the vision of mankind and made it lose its respect for nature?

Modern man lives thinking he is superior and almighty, thus losing its connection with teh whole and losing its respect for nature. This can change when the energy within us is awakened and when it raises us to a higher level of awareness.

The mother energy within us makes us  more harmonious with our environment once again and we can feel this on our central nervous system. Just like the microcosmos represents the macrocosmos, we also become aware of the subtle system existing within us.

This comparison forms the basis of the Gaya hypothesis and the Virata in eastern traditions.

The human body is made up of 5 elements just like the universe is:

• Earth
• Water
• Fire
• Air
• Ether

These elements have the capacity to purify the human body – just like the natural biological and ecological system purifies itself. The most purifying element is water. In the human body water represents “seeking” and is the catalyzer and dissolving force behind all evolution in nature.

Our respect for our inner being and Self makes us respect the entire universe and this is the guarantee of a secure and well established planet.

We need to offer substantial and practical solutions on rebuilding the lost balance after citing problems created by humans.

We are the source of all of our problems, we create them all ourselves. Then the best solution is for human beings to correct themselves first, isn’t it? Yoga makes this possible. Now let us see the solutions offered by Sahaja Yoga.

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