The concept of leadership is changing significantly today. The emphasis is that people should become their own leaders rather than follow those born that way.

The dimensions of leadership


Individuals walking the path of leadership usually:


- Start off at the mental level
- Develop by supporting and balancing the mental level with desire
- Finally activate the spiritual energy within
- Become stronger at the spiritual level.

The scientific level


American psychologist Roger Sperry received the Nobel prize in 1981 upon proving in 1980 that the left and right lobes of the brain were responsible for carrying out different functions.

The left lobe:


- Words
- Logic
- Numbers
- Chains
- Analyses
- Listing

The right lobe:


- Rhythm
- Location consciousness
- Consciousness of the whole
- İmagination
- Colors
- Dimensions

The nervous system in the human body:


The central nervous system: this system conveys pain to the brain when a needle pricks you


The sympathetic nervous systems: are partly autonomous, like the way the stomach Works.


The parasympathetic nervous system: is autonomous. Like the way we breathe fast when we run is slowed down by the parasympathetic system.






What do we really want?


Is Maslow right?


Maslow’s pyramid is correct and valid. But on one condition – the pyramid needs to be turned upside down!


- Mankind must first realize himself
- Discover the meaning of his life
- Strengthen his position and meet his other needs using his spiritual intelligence
- This is “success”.


But we are full of stress


- We aren’t interested
- We don’t have time!


Research shows the results of such unhealthy thoughts


- We cannot think clearly
- We cannot decide
- We have difficulty in communication
- Our physical coordination is less
- Greater risk of heart disease
- Increased risk of high blood pressure


Stress retards progress in two ways


- We either attack and blame ourselves
- Or we attack and blame others
- Progress stops


Progress = knowing yourself


Is it right to just delay fulfilling our life purpose just by sitting on a full stomach and waiting to get a good job? Purpose and knowing yourself should form the basis of the pyramid. Meaning, the pyramid should be turned upside down. This is the most natural way of overcoming stress.


American author Dana Zohar has written books on stress. According to her:


- Spiritual intelligence is our gateway to vision and higher values
- Is the intelligence that makes us integrated and complete
- Is the intelligence of our spirit, our deeper being
- Is the intelligence that transforms us.


You are the developing “intelligent humans” (homo sapiens)


- You studied at schools and learned how to think
- You became hungrier for science
- You always knew more
- You saw that there is no end to learning
- (did you) feel the need for change?
- You turned from a person using his left lobe and trying to increase his IQ
- İnto a person who uses his right lobe and tries to increase his EQ
- You developed empathy
- You dealt with art, progressed and then…


What is IQ?


- Is the way of measuring how the brain Works
- Is usually a function of the left lobe of the brain (the right sympathetic nervous system)


What is EQ?


- Is the way brain neurons relate with each other in the form of a network
- Is a manifestation of empathy (being able to think like another person)
- Is usually a function of the right lobe of the brain (the left sympathetic nervous system)


Spiritual intelligence – SQ


- SQ, however, is beyond the left-right lobe relationship
- It makes everything meaningful
- It is our parasympathetic nervous system
- Is our gateway to understanding, vision, values and to us using them
- Enables us to become integrated and consistent within ourselves
- Is our intelligence to transform


Improving spiritual intelligence (Dana Zohar, Spiritual Intelligence)


- Be flexible
- Know yourself, meditate to be able to do so
- Have a vision built on values
- Benefit from mishaps, do not run away from them
- Be integrated
- Be independent in your own field


Transformation and success


- The energy waiting to rise within you
- Will enlighten your body and brain
- Will help you make a “quantum” leap
- Will help you know yourself
- The “Kundalini” is your spiritual energy within you
- Is the power of your desire
- Keeps us connected with universal intelligence when it is awakened and kept awake
- Manifests the state of yoga


Let’s go over it again:


- Mankind will first realize what he is
- Discover the meaning of his life
- Strengthen his position and meet his other needs using his spiritual intelligence
- This is “success”.